3 Ways to get Your Business Moving, For Cheap!   We finally have it! We have that great idea, or business that you just know is going to be awesome. One problem, we are broke or at least lacking in serious funds. So, let’s take a quick look at 3 resources that I’ve used personally to help get shit done, without having to work a 2nd or 3rd job in order to do so!   Fiverr.com Fiverr.com is one my favorite spots to get quality media and other stuff done for rather cheap. In a nutshell, Fiverr is a platform of freelancers. They do just about anything you can think of, from promoting your work, voiceovers, media, video, you name it, and it’s most likely there. Now, there are a few caveats with Fiverr, so we need to be careful when selecting freelancers. There are a lot of folks offering services on Fiverr, and like we all know, not everyone is awesome at their skill, some are just “OK”. Nothing against those people, maybe they are still becoming masters at their craft, and that is totally cool. Just be sure to review their work that is shown, and read some reviews, this will help you weed out the freelancers that are perhaps a step above so you can get the best work for your dollar. Pricing is another thing that even though the name is Fiverr, tends to be more than five bucks, which is how Fiverr originally started out. This is a good and bad thing. The bad thing is, well, it can be a bit more expensive than we wanted, the good being we will likely get folks with more talent offering gigs if they are going to make more than just five bucks. In the end it kinda cancels itself. Envato Envato is my favorite go-to for all things web. From photos, videos, music for soundtracks, web templates, and on and on. Now, Envato has several different sites within its platform including, PhotoDune, VideoHive, CodeCanyon, ThemeForest and AudioJungle, to list a few of my favorites. The cost for stuff isn’t the cheapest, but their quality vetting is pretty strict, so you know you are going to get pretty much the best of the best as far as quality goes. Well worth the extra few bucks, in my opinion. They also now offer a monthly subscription which I have not checked out yet, but that might fit what you’re looking for a bit better.   Google Now this one might seem a little dumb. Of course everyone uses Google, duh. However, if you didn’t know, Google can lead you to some great FREE resources. Free images, templates, etc. I like Free, and I am sure your wallet does too. Now, nothing is ever “free”. You’ll likely need to join a mailing list, sometimes, or give up an email address. This can be frustrating, but if what you are getting for free is worth the hassle, you can always opt out later if you don’t like what they are sending you.   By no means are these the only options for getting rolling in your new business, just a few I wanted to share. Hopefully they add some value and help you find pieces of your puzzle!