We all have a power, yeah that’s right. Even if we don’t realize it, we are all great at something, we all have some awesome skill or ability and can all learn to teach others what we know. You might think, “Oh, I’m no teacher!” but, that isn’t always the case, because there are many varieties and ways to teach, so the conventional approach isn’t always the best approach!


The hard part is to really hone in on what it is we are great at. We are naturally, most of us anyway, full of self-doubt and fear. We fear judgment from others the most, nobody wants to be rejected or feel rejected. However, the sooner we realize that it really doesn’t matter, the sooner we will be successful in all aspects of our lives. Many people will judge you, no matter how good or great the thing is you are doing, people are quick to judge or find the negative in your actions, its human nature. Most of the time this comes from their own fear, doubt, or insecurity. It is something we cannot control, what we can control, however, is our reaction. That’s all. Stop trying to control what other people think and focus on yourself and your own ambitions and goals. Haters gonna hate.


We knows it’s hard to stay focused and stay positive when there are so many shit talkers out there. This is the real world, positive thoughts or puppies & kittens don’t work. Ok, maybe sometimes, but no usually! When we become out of sorts, frustrated, or angry, we need to literally take a step back, breathe for a second. Remember your end goals, remember that bumps in the road are normal and this is reality, not a soap opera. The only choice we have is to stay positive during times of toughness. This is where we are tested and where we grow and discover ourselves, and maybe even additional superpowers along the way.

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